FPi-5700 Folder-Inserter

The FPi-5600 turns your mail center into a strategic businesses asset, providing a platform for compiling high volume mass mailings. With an intuitive color touch screen, you don’t have to be a mailroom genius to set up and run powerful mail jobs. (For more demanding circumstances, check out the FPi-6700.)

  • Processes up to 4,000 envelopes per hour.
  • Full color, High definition touch screen
  • Barcode, OMR and OCR reading capabilities
  • Standard feeders will hold 325 sheets each.
  • Optional MaxiFeeder for increased capacity and paper media options
  • MaxiFeeder will hold 1200 sheets..

Technical Specifications

Feeder stations up to 6
Processing speed (Maximum) 4,000
Folding capacity with sheets of 20lb. paper up to 10
Job memory capacity 50
Dimensions (approx.) (W x L x H) 16.3 x 65″ x 31.5″
Weight 192 lbs.
Noise emission in dB (REF: ISO 11202) 67.9
High capacity feeder 725
Standard feeder capacity 325
paper length
MaxiFeeder capacity
3.5″ to 14”
Capacity 325
Height/width 3.5“ to 6.35“ x 6.3“ to 9.7“
Automatic Job Setup yes
Feeder Swap Linking yes
Power Fold / Knife Folder yes
Process stapled sets yes
Collate sheets before folding yes
Bottom addresses yes
Folds: C, V, Z, Double-V, No-fold yes
Piece counter yes
Optical Marks Reading (OMR) yes
Barcode Reader (Linear / 1D Barcodes) yes
2D Barcode (Data Matrix, PDF147, More) yes
Optical Character Recognition (OCR) yes
Divert before folding yes
Operator adjustable insert fingers yes
Secure n’ Feed Double document detector yes
Secure n’ Sert document thickness detector yes
Envelope exit 500Downloads & Related Information

FPi-5700 Brochure