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QTrak is the first internal package and asset tracking app that leverages cloud technology with ease of use to create a flexible product that streamlines the package management process.

Our app turns any smartphone into a package scanner: just download the app, scan the package, and the data will be transferred to the cloud in real time. Securely log into your account to manage packages and assets, download reports, and manage internal users.

The receiving, routing, and delivery process is made easier with added features like Digital Signature capture, Received Package alerts sent to customers, the ProScanner ID card attachment, and available log space for attempted deliveries.

QTrak also offers a scalable model for package tracking that goes beyond the app: we pair computerized parcel lockers with the QTrak app to offer the most secure package management option for universities, apartment buildings, co-working spaces, and corporate centers. Building managers and internal logistics coordinators can now receive packages and deliver them to individual lockers for recipient pickup.

This option coupled with our high-density mailboxes allows QTrak to offer a wide array of solutions to customers large and small.

Call 1-877-QTrak11 to sign up for a free demo or visit our website for more information at qtrak.net