SendPro™ P / Connect+® Series Self-Adhesive Tape Rolls

$ 119.99


    • Contains up to 722 tapes per roll without an envelope message, or 361 tapes with a message.
    • Roll size – 5.87″”x168.5′.
    • Pack size – 3 rolls per pack.
    • Testing – Designed and tested within our postage meters to meet USPS® requirements.


Pitney Bowes tape rolls are ideal for adding postage to oversized envelopes, priority mail and packages. Our tapes have been tested to provide clean, smudge-free printing when used with genuine Pitney Bowes ink and the quality adhesive will withstand the toughest of mailing conditions.

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For: SendPro™ P/Connect+® Series Mailing Systems

3 rolls per pack